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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 11, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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very lovely, bundled up, though, it's cold out there so make sure you take note from that. it's going to be a chilly start. we'll see the fog roll in. then as we head through the second half of your day, clearing, 70s, i've got your full forecast coming up. a little rain in the forecast as well on your seven-day. let's get you to work, though, 5:00 a.m. it starts to get busy around how. how's it looking, mike. >> you're absolutely right, things do start to get crowded in many spots. the maze is handling that crowd just fine. the toll plaza at the bay bridge has no problem so we'll show you the san mateo bridge as folks are making their way but we did have a wind advisory extended through the morning hours. no shaking to the camera so a pretty steady flow and nice drive so far this morning so i'll continue to monitor my cough, the commute and back to you. >> all right. get yourself a little bit of tea, thank you very much. a tough morning on the san jose state university campus after a shooting there last
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night left three people dead. investigators are still awaiting to release the identities of those victims and are still looking for a possible motive. christey smi ie smith is live os with the details for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. well, there are still a lot of questions this morning like what set this off and were these students? a horrible shooting that happened on the fifth floor of this parking garage behind me. it is actually six stories. we just shot new video of the floor where the shooting happened. there's a police officer up there and a man cleaning the scene, but no obvious damage to all the cars up there or evidence of any sort of shootout. here's what we know. three people dead, including the shooter. this happened last night during evening classes about 8:40. a university spokesperson not saying much about the victims, but they say they do not think this was random. students report hearing sounds,
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pops like fireworks. >> i was getting ready to go back to work, i was on my dinner break. i heard several pops. i didn't really think anything of it, i just didn't know what it was. i got in my car and was driving to work. a little after san salvador towards the williams area i saw six police cars come one after the another after each other. i got to work, started asking questions and on facebook all my friends were talking about there was a shooting, helicopters are flying over. >> reporter: some students have complained that it took way too long to be notified about what was going on here but a campus spokesperson said students were alerted through a campus alert system. now, this is the 22nd homicide of the year. last year in san jose throughout the entire year there were just 20. also, we should mention that for students who are troubled by this, having trouble processing it, they're advised to go see
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counselors who will be available today on campus. reporting live in san jose, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much. now we turn to marla tellez. she's back in the studio this morning with a look at the rest of the day's top stories, including a measure to deal with some dangerous dogs. good morning. >> good morning, laura. good morning to you at home. santa clara county is holding owners of pit bulls and other dangerous dogs accountable for their dogs' actions. it gives more authority to the animal control department to label dogs as potentially dangerous. the law also requires anyone walking these dogs must be older than 18 years old, capable of controlling it and have increased liability insurance. critics say the board should not target a particular type of breed but rather increase education and training. a north bay man accused of being a peeping tom will be back
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in court today. nicholas springer was arraigned last friday on three misdemeanor accounts of secretly videotaping under clothing. he has since pleaded not guilty. the 26-year-old san rafael native is expected to be arraign had today. he was caught in the act last week at the fairfax farmers market. springer had a camera attached to his shoe which he would slide underneath his victims' clothing. the family of injured giants fan bryan stow is speaking to nbc bay area. they say the father of two remains in a coma but he could be brought closer to home soon. doctors say stow is stable enough to be transferred to the medical center at uc san francisco. his sister says while the seizures have stopped, the injury is still tough to deal with. >> for me today is a little bit of a rough day. even though he's going in the
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progression that we want, there hasn't been any brain seizures, but it's still really hard to look at my older brother laying there and just looking for any sign that he can hear us. so it gets hard. >> stow's family says he is getting great care at usc medical center. a state judge is asking pg&e to perform pressure tests on more than 700 miles of gas pipelines. in a ruling yesterday a judge for the california public utilities commission ruled the company must perform the tests to rebuild trust in its safety operations. reports show it could take five years to complete, cost $350 million and cause more customer inconvenience. now, the order comes just as pg&e began testing 152 miles of pipeline across the bay area just this week. attending college next spring could get more expensive and that's if you can get in.
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faced with a possible $1 billion in cuts from the state, the california state university chancellor is planning to raise tuition by another 32% and shut enrollment for next spring. the increase means costs could rise to $7400 a semester. that's more than twice what it cost just three years ago. the board of trustees has until july to vote on this proposal. it is 5:06. that's the latest from here in studio. time to head back out live to fremont where laura joins us now. good morning. >> that's right. i'm chuck ling because i don't even want to think about college tuition prices right now with triplets. i'll be working until i'm an old lady. but hey, if i am working and i've got this job, we're going to have more out here from fremont. we told you yesterday about microsoft purchasing skype. it would be a nice to get a piece of that pie. $8.5 billion. it really gave wall street a
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boost yesterday. for that and more news before the bell, we turn to chartia brantle brantley. >> reporter: hi, laura. that's less than state attorneys general were hoping for. banks will use the money to compensate borrowes wrongly evicted from their homes. the ceos of at&t and t-mobile usa will defend their mega merger deal before a senate pam. at&t claims the $39 billion deal will mean fewer dropped calls and faster data speeds but it would concentrate 80% of wireless customers into two companies. the fcc and justice department say they'll take a year to review the deal. are you scaling back your summer vacation plans? if so, you are not alone. a new survey by deloit finds
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financial concerns and gas prices are top reasons people are giving for not going away this summer. about 60% of memorial day travelers say they're thinking about smaller trips to offset the cost of filling up. so laura, high gas prices are playing a key role in all of our decisions these days. >> there you go. we'll just pick a great staycation spot. this morning we are waking up in fremont. you can tell i'm not downtown. i'll tell you why we're here with a lot of hay bales behind me. i am all bundled up, prepared for the weather, although i may not need this many layers. let's check in with christina loren. >> yeah, right now you do need them, laura. good morning. as you know, it gets cooler just before sunrise and that's typically the coldest point of the day, right around sunrise. we're looking good in terms of the low cloud cover we were expecting. we still have fog on the way. the marine layer is back.
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it's just not that bad yet. visibility across the board is about four miles or better. and we're going to warm up once we lose all that cloud cover that's moving in right now. 53 degrees in hayward, 53 in sunnyvale and 53 in concord. as we head throughout the morning, temperatures are probably going to fall about four or five more degrees before we hit our lows this morning but we're going to jump back up once the sun comes out into the 70s later on. 72 in concord, 70 in fremont where our own laura garcia-cannon is this morning and 71 degrees in san jose. so we've got some rain on the way. it's coming this weekend. i'll let you know when and how much we're expecting coming up. right now, how does the roadways look? >> well, drier than the next couple of days but right now a very light volume through antioch. highway 4, that's 72 over at l street. westbound is your commute direction but eastbound is the problem between love ridge and summersville. still closed 20 minutes for overnight construction. that project continues to have
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that closure overnights until the 20th. over here there's a fire we're tracking out in concord, 3400 block of willow pass road. that intersection is where there's a lot of activity because of a fire. it sounds like there's activity there and a lot of fire crews so they have closed down willow pass road. you can go ahead and use 242 over to highway 4 as a good alternate because it's so light as far as the volume of traffic there. also pretty light out of the altamont pass, 14 minutes through livermore and over toward the 680 dublin interchange. a live look in oakland, light volume starting to build a little on 880 heading from oakland all the way down to you in fremont. back to you. >> yeah, i'm experiencing some of those early morning commuters on my travels around the bay. this morning we're waking up in fremont. as you can tell, i'm at a historic farm. we'll tell you more about this great place and it's actually
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still in business. you can come out and visit as well. plus bob re tell is out and about. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. we're down the road from you in niles where one of the most famous motion pictures of all pi time was made. coming up we're taking you to the silent film museum coming up. fast. new icy hot naturals. never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles in 3 days-- i can do that. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through
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welcome back, everyone. our may about the bay tour continues this morning. we are waking up in fremont. arden wood farms is really a throwback to the 19th century if you've never been here. it is a beautiful location just off of the freeway 880 here this morning and it's really unique. they have got animals out here, so much to see. we'll show you more of that in just a little bit but this was
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really one of the historic sites of fremont that a lot of people come out to see. fremont itself is the fourth largest city in the bay area. it was created when five different communities banded together to form the city of fremont. today it has a very diverse population, beautiful central park centered around lake elizabeth and some of the best weather maybe in the country. you can't beat it. as i mentioned, here at the historic arden wood farm, you can experience a time gone by, a time lost. it's very centrally located and easy to get to. ira has worked out here almost 20 years now so it's nice to see a little bit of nature just right in the middle of the city. we've got a beautiful newborn really. >> right. she's a week old. she's one of our goat kids. >> she's precious. so tell me what folks can come out here and see and experience. >> it's really a chance to see what life is like on a farm in
5:15 am
this area about 100 years ago. so we have gardens and fields. we grow crops and of course have farm animals. so families coming out can get a chance to see what type of work was done. kids can join in with the chores, help feed the animals. we do a lot of school programs. we have about 12,000 school kids come out every year to learn about life on a farm. >> big city dwellers become so populated, it's so nice to have an area like this preserved. >> it really is. it is 205 acres right in the middle of the city so it's a chance to see what life on a farm was like, see crops growing in the fields and meet some of the animals. >> the amenities are all around here. well, this is just precious. we're going to feature a lot of different things but we thank you so much for letting us come out here this morning. look at that, a week old, a little kid. we've got a lot more coming up from fremont this morning but we're also covering the day's top stories.
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we want to check in with marla tellez live in our newsroom. >> good morning, laura. 5:15. three people are dead after a shooting at san jose state university. this was breaking news last night at 11:00. one of the people killed, the shooter. this happened on the fifth floor of the university parking garage last night. police aren't sure if those involved were students. berkeley grads josh fattal and shane bauer were supposed to appear in an iranian courtroom today but the trial has been postponed. iran is trying the two and sarah shourt shourt. arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver say they love each other and are taking it one day at a time. good morning to you at home. boy, we've got another good-looking second half of the day.
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it's not going to be as nice to start as yesterday. we've got that marine push back and that means mostly cloudy conditions over the entire bay area, even inland, the east bay, you'll see low cloud cover later on. 49 in livermore, 53 in hayward and 50 in santa rosa. we're expecting our temperatures to dip the next couple of hours so it will get colder. hence the need for a jacket this morning. 72 grows later on today in concord, 70 in fremont and 71 in san jose. reading along the peninsula not quite as warm today with all that added cloud cover. we've got a ball game in town tonight. i think if you're headed out there, it's going to be colder tonight than last night so keep that in mind. maybe bring a blanket as you watch the giants take on the diamondbacks at 7:15. 75 for your friday. we're going to drop off into the 60s over the weekend. we're also expecting a little bit of rain. but that's good news because it's been a while since we've had any showers. myself, laura, i don't want to do any gardening until we get this added rain so i'm
5:18 am
postponing my work. i don't know about you. >> nothing keeps me out of it. thank you very much. hey, we're out here live in fremont this morning at historic arden wood farms but another great area of fremont is the niles district. it is a home to silent films, but it's been preserving everything in black and white. the niles district in fremont is home of the silent film museum. bob redell will take us in there in just a little bit but i always thought it would be really cool to be in a silent film. what do i do to get my foot in the door. >> reporter: generally they have got to overexaggerate their facial expressions. you want to blink your eyes really fast a lot, a stupid hat helps and slapstick that's
5:19 am
completely random and out of the blue. >> i can't believe the things that bob redell gets me to do. he is live also in fremont this morning at the historic silent movie museum. what were you going to say? ir >> reporter: i think you missed your calling there, laura. quite impressed, quite impressed. we are at the niles silent film museum. behind me we've got charlie chaplain showing in the theater. he used to frequent this during the time he was in town making
5:20 am
movies and that movie was a classic. you can see parts of the museum. parts of it have caught up to the 21st century but if you go back here, you get a sense of what the theater was like in 1913 when it was first built. we're in the projection room. dave keene is the film historian. dave, when i walk into here, the first thing that catches my eyes is not only just the wooden structure that looks original for the most part, is the metal containment where the projectors used to be. why all the metal? >> because the film was extremely flammable and you needed a containment booth in case a fire started. >> and you had a hot lamp on that. >> yes. >> so what would happen? >> if it started burning, you couldn't put it out so it would even burn under water irks so being a projection artist was a
5:21 am
dangerous job. >> it was. that's why it was unionized early on so you had safety standards and people who knew what they were doing. >> reporter: they didn't have osha back then. this is fascinating. you still have the graffiti. here's someone's anymore, marvin schmidt, 1928. right here it says spit in box written back in the day. what was the point of that. >> because you couldn't smoke cigarettes due to the flammability, people chewed tobacco. that was a reminder not to spit on the floor. >> reporter: no kidding. what's interesting about dave is he's kind of preserved himself in film history because he has proven that this one footage of film taken down market street in san francisco in 1906 is the last known footage prior to the earthquake of 1906. we'll explain how he figured that out coming up in a little bit. >> wow, we'll look forward to that. that's so cool to see all this history in the bay area right here in our backyard.
5:22 am
and of course we'll have a lot more here live from arden wood farms and we're of course covering the day's top stories, including the death of one city's mayor that really has at that city reeling. we'll take a look at the latest tech news including maybe, maybe, maybe $20 laptops coming up in tech today. and coming off of the castro valley y, 580 moves smooth through oakland but i'll show th you where we see the earliest backup. i've got your commute coming up. 7
5:23 am
5:24 am
good morning. it's 5:24. a little early for the slowdown to appear in livermore but as i told you this is one of the first spots to show us the slowdown. there's an accident at north flynn road in your second lane and that's going to take at
5:25 am
least 20 minutes to get that cleared. that's enough time for this to build up coming in out of the altamont pass. the rest of your commute moving smoothly for 680. only slowing around the construction zone, pretty typical. a live look at the san mateo bridge shows you things are moving smoothly across the bay. so far a steady camera, a steady drive, marla. back to you. 5:25 now. funeral services will be held this afternoon for a peninsula mayor who passed away just yesterday. san carlos marrow mar ahmad died of a heart attack. his memorial service will take place at 1:30 this afternoon in belmont. now, ahmad served as the city's leader since being voted into office last november. he was also a member of the city council for three years and was only the second muslim american mayor voted into office in the country. google has put a half billion dollars in a special account just in case it gets
5:26 am
into trouble. now, scott mcgrew, the question is, in trouble for what? >> that is the big mystery. google says it's set that money aside because it's been investigated by the federal government for the way it serves up advertising but hasn't said much beyond that. now, we've known before that google and other silicon valley companies were under at least casual investigation, but google's plan to get ready to pay a fine is an indication at least one of the investigations is much more serious than we realized. meanwhile, a half a billion dollars is a lot of money if you're, i don't know, the state of california. but google? google made more than $8 billion just in the last three months. more google news. "forbes" says the company might start renting laptops to students for $20 a month. the big google io conference continues today in san francisco. google announcing it was unable to reach a deal with record makers over its new music
5:27 am
project so the plan is smaller than we hoped but it also announced it was going to allow outside developers to access what it calls its prediction engine, kind of an electronic crystal ball, that would help app writers predict what people were going to do. so you could tap into google's knowledge to figure out what movies people would like. it's a big deal in the app world and now it's available to anyone. >> all right, sounds cool. thank you very much, scott. we'll have a lot more to come on "today in the bay" this morning, including a look at one organization that is going high tech to help some of its low income residents. and we're live out here at arden wood farms in fremont this morning. that's certainly not a tractor. no, we've got more coming up from tesla this morning. we'll show you one of their hot new cars coming up. >> reporter: three people are dead after a horrible shooting at san jose state last night. i'm christie smith. we have new video thimorningwe fr inside the parking garage
5:28 am
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our "may around the bay" tour continues this morning. we are waking up in beautiful fremont. good morning to you, i'm laura garcia-cannon. more from historic arden wood farms coming up in just a bit but we're also waiting for the sun to come up. let's check in with christina loren. >> good morning to you. you're not going to have to wait much longer, about another hour. when the sun does come out you'll notice a pretty good amount of cloud cover overhead. a system of low pressure is going to significantly change our weather pattern as we head into this weekend. we'll break that down for you and tell you what else is coming up for today. a pretty good-looking day on tap for us. let's get you to work right now. >> highway 4 typically shows a slowdown. so far 60 miles per hour registering westbound. eastbound, the construction zone
5:31 am
to clear but it is scheduled to pick up right now. we're also watching willow pass road coming through concord between clayton way and olivera road, there's a closure because of a fire. no injuries are reported at this vacant business but the fire is going on and a lot of activity so use port chicago highway or 242 to highway 4. it's clear right now as we speak. let's send it back to laura. >> thank you very much. it is going to be a tough morning on the san jose state university campus following the death of three people there. christie smith is live on the campus this morning with more details. the investigation continues. >> reporter: yeah, it does. you know, there's still a lot of questions this morning, like were these students and what set this horrible shooting in motion. as you said, three people are dead, we believe including the shooter. this happened on the fifth floor of this parking garage behind
5:32 am
me, the north garage. we just shot some new video this morning up there on the fifth floor. i spoke with university police just a couple of minutes ago and they tell me that the entire garage is back open today, including the fifth floor. but here's what we know. someone opened fire around 8:40 last night while students were in evening classes. san jose police and a university spokesperson not saying much this morning about the suspect or the victims, but again, all three dead. they do not believe that this incident was random. on the university's facebook page it says that counseling is available for those students who might need it. this is the 22nd homicide of the year in san jose and considering it's only may, last year for the entire year there were 20 homicides here in san jose. reporting live in san jose, christie smith, "today in the bay." >> you're exactly right.
5:33 am
22 deaths in the city of san jose, as you mention ed, we're in only may. take a look at this kind of map that the "san jose mercury news" laid out for us. it actually kind of shows you how many homicides that they're investigating. it's amazing in such a short five months, the statistics, considering there were just 20 homicides in san jose in all of 2010. the city will have to make some tough decisions once considered one of the safest big cities in america. it is now facing budget cuts that could have an impact on the police department. right now we want to head back to marla tellez in the studio this morning. san jose police have another investigation on their hands. >> good morning to you at home. it's 5:33 now. as she just mentioned, officers say this man is still on the run so take a good look. mario jesus hernandez is wanted in connection with an april murder on the east side of san jose. hernandez is accused of shooting and killing marco peratis in a
5:34 am
home on south capital avenue. what makes this investigation so difficult is hernandez may be posing as his twin brother. he is considered armed and dangerous. right now this is happening right now, firefighters in contra costa county are working to put out a fire that's ripping through an abandoned building. that building is in concord on willow pass road east of farm bureau road. this video just fed into our newsroom. firefighters first got emergency calls about the fire just after 3:30 this morning. right now three engines and two fire trucks are on scene trying to put out these flames. we'll keep you updated throughout the newscast. well, we do have some breaking news out of iran this morning. the trial of three american hikers accused of spying has been postponed. a swiss official who represents u.s. interests in the country says no details were given for this decision.
5:35 am
shane bauer, josh fattal and sarah shourd are being tried for espionage after being arrested after hiking near the iranian border. both men pleaded not guilty in februa february. shourd was released on humanitarian grounds but she will not return to iran pause she's suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder. new information that deep and distant earthquakes have much more of an impact on san andreas fault line than previously thought. usgs researchers say the 9.1 quake in sumatra in 2004 and the 8.8 quake in chile last year caused parts of the san andreas fault to suddenly slip setting up small tremors. researchers say the new information is helping them understand how deep sections of the san andreas fault react to seismic waves which could help scientists predict quakes in the future. this morning bleak news for east bay school teachers now that the mt. diablo school district has approved almost 200
5:36 am
layoffs. at a meeting last night the school board reportedly voted to let go of 180 teachers and school employees. the cuts stem from budget cuts as well as declining enrollment. the district says it may need to slash about $27 million from its budget if the governor passes -- rather pro possesses an all cuts budget on monday. and the san francisco school district is issuing final layoff notices to more than 300 employees. 139 teachers, 13 administrators and 120 aides will lose their jobs. the district hopes to rescind the notices, though, before the start of the next school year, but right now the money simply is not there. 5:36. that's the latest from here in studio. back out live to laura in fremont this morning. good morning. >> good morning to you, marla, and good morning, everyone. we're going to have more from fremont coming up for you, but we continue to follow the day'
5:37 am
news and facebook in the news headlines once again this morning for having a lot of users under 13 years old. why does that matter? let's turn to "today in the bay's" brian mooar in washington, d.c. this morning. >> reporter: good morning, laura. 150 million facebook users, 20 million of them are minors, 5 million under the age of 10. all of which is very nice, but facebook has a self-imposed age limit of 13. consumer reports has found that lots and lots of kids are getting around this requirement just signing in and saying they're older than they really are. this comes at a time when facebook is under fire for perhaps not adequately protecting the privacy of some adults. the worry here is that kids may be all the more vulnerable to not just computer viruses and scams but bullies and predators as well. consumer reports found that 21% of facebook parents have posted their kids' names, photos, 15%
5:38 am
their current location or travel plans. one-fifth of parents have not even bothered to use the privacy controls. facebook is retooling its family safety center and says it wants to get a new lesson plan out to teachers to help teach safety in social media. facebook released a statement to us saying, quote, there is no single solution to ensuring younger children don't circumvent a system or lie about their age. we appreciate the attention that these reports and other experts are giving this matter and believe this will provide an opportunity for parents, teachers, safety advocates and internet services to focus on this area with the ultimate goal of keeping young people of all ages safe online. and "consumer reports" says basically the bottom line here is adults, you should friend your own children to keep track of them. in washington, i'm brian moore. laura, back to you. >> every patierent has got to d what they can do. waking up in fremont as a
5:39 am
tour across the bay continues. i dressed warm because i thought it was going to be too cool. maybe too many layers on. >> i just want to see you get on one of those horses before the show is done. really great stuff so far. very cool silent museum. we're talking about a really nice day. not as nice as yesterday. a little more cloud cover to start you out. that cloud cover will keep our temperatures at bay. no warmer than yesterday. similar, that's where we're expected to end up in the low 70s once again. onshore flow is back. it looks like that will push inland so antioch will be faced with a little cloud cover but all the clouds will lift, break apart and by about noon today we'll start to see that sunshine. changes on the way toward the weekend. we've got another system of low pressure dropping into the area. this is what we're expecting when it comes to your weekend rain. we could pick up to a quarter of an inch in the south bay, maybe half an inch in the north bay. we've got one round on saturday and another one on sunday.
5:40 am
i think the round that comes through on sunday will be packing a little bit of a heavier punch. this is what we are noticing, though. if you've been sniffling, sneezing action we've got a high pollen count and it will continue to be high all the way through friday. saturday that rain will help us out so there is relief on the way. but i know mike and i, it's taken our toll on us. a lot of pollen out there. >> good morning. a lot of pollen out there and in here as well. we'll look at livermore. we've seen the speeds come up from the 50s but there's the report of the accident westbound 580 at north flynn road. that will cue an earlier slowdown. speeds right around 50 miles an hour coming out of the altamont pass. that should clear soon because there are no major issues and the tow truck has arrived on scene. for 580 at the toll plaza and the richmond bridge, another accident there. a car went across the entire roadway. from what i understand there are no injuries and it is off of the
5:41 am
roadway but watch your drive toward that richmond-san rafael toll plaza. the rest of the approach to the maze moving smoothly. no problems at the bay bridge. we'll get you a live shot as you cross the water across the san mateo bridge. a nice flow westbound. eastbound coming back over to 880 a smooth flow as well. laura, you're not far from there. my kids love that place. they love the animals and they love you, so that's 8 great combination back to you. >> oh, no, and it's perfect. i would love to come out here with your family. it is beautiful out here, a little bit of nature right here in fremont. we'll have a lot more this morning as well as on how the city is going high tech to help low income. plus we've got a look at a silent film made in san francisco that is getting a lot of attention. >> reporter: well, laura, because it happens to be the last known footage of san francisco before the great quake of 1906. weith the in nes wh the man who came up with this
5:42 am
revelation. we'll tell you how he did it coming up.
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welcome back, everyone. i'm laura garcia-cannon. touring the bay area this morning, we are waking up in fremont. we're at historic ardenwood farms. it's one of the many districts that makes up fremont including the niles district. what it is, it is the historic area where silent films were made. it's got a lot of history to it and a little downtown area that they have there. they have made so many films, charlie chaplin has made movies there and that is where our own bob redell is live because they're taking a look at a film that was made in san francisco that is certainly getting a lot of attention. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. it's not because the film itself is recently discovered. people have known about this 10 to 12 hef minute clip of a ride
5:45 am
down market street in san francisco for years. it wasn't until the 100th anniversary of the 1906 quake of san francisco that film buff dave keene here at the niles silent film museum became interested in trying to verify who made the film. initially he thought it was made a year prior to the earthquake. but you did three things. you looked at microfiche, you made observations of the film itself, noticed there were puddles in there. you were able to compare that to weather records. and you also looked at the license plates of cars. >> mm-hmm. >> reporter: and you determined what? >> that it couldn't have been made in 1905 because the license plates, there were two of them that in january of 1906 it was registered and another one in february of 1906, so that meant 1905 was totally out. >> reporter: and you narrowed it down to an exact date. >> yeah, i actually found advertisements by the niles
5:46 am
brothers who made the film advertising it in april of 1906 that they had stated that they shot the film four days before the earthquake. >> reporter: and what's amazing is they mailed it out to the east coast when? >> the night before the earthquake they sent it to their new york office. >> reporter: if it had stayed in their san francisco office on market street, what would have happened? >> it would have burned down just like their studio burnt down. >> reporter: to the left of you is a 1905 williamson, is that correct? >> yes. >> reporter: very similar to what they used. >> yes. >> reporter: so they did this on a fluke? >> yeah, they were shooting prize fight films. they had 14,000 feet of film leftover and they shot a trip do you not mt. tam and a trip down market street. >> reporter: you did a lot of this research without the help
5:47 am
of the internet initially. i'm trying to understand why someone would be so passionate about analyzing this and spending so much time on this. >> well, people have admired the film for decades and it just seemed like there must be some information out there to find out who made it and when. i just wanted to figure that out. >> reporter: you did very successful. a nice little revelation there. >> thank you. >> reporter: as far as we know the last known footage of san francisco before it unfortunately shook and burned down in april of 1906. we are, again, at the niles silent film museum here in niles. coming up in a little bit, we are going to take a tour of the museum. this is, of course, the old edison theater where charlie chaplin himself used to come when he was making movies for a short time in this area and also bronco billy, the famous western movie star. laura, i'm sure you're very familiar with. >> oh, yes, of course, of course. i love watching those old films. actually they're very, very
5:48 am
cool, it's a neat district to walk downtown there. more from fremont coming up but we're also covering the day's news. i want to turn to my colleague, marla tellez, who is live in studio with more. >> good morning, laura. it's 5:47. san jose police try to figure out what sparked a deadly shooting at a san jose state university parking garage last night. three people died, including the shooter. the fifth floor of the garage where the shooting happened is still closed this morning as the homicide investigation continues. the 15-year-old boy accused of fatally shooting his friend in san francisco's bayview district will be arraigned this morning. the boy faces murder charges but he will not be tried as an adult. he's accused of shooting andy zeng in a silver terrace home just last month. the boy says they were playing with the gun and he didn't know it was loaded. also the chancellor of the csu system is considering
5:49 am
raising tuition by 32% next year and skipping spring admission. 20,000 transfer students could also find themselves without a school to transfer to. 5:48 now, time to get a check of your wednesday forecast. christina, good morning. >> good morning to you. yeah, it's a pretty nice morning around here. you're going to notice a little bit more cloud cover once you get into your car and take off this morning of the coastal fog will probably be an issue the next couple of hours. mike and i are always watching those for you. temperatures are now in the 50s. we've got some 40s out there and we're expecting to drop off even more so the next couple of hours. it's cold enough for the jacket this morning and will take some time for the sun to warm us up with that full deck of clouds we'll see for the first part of the day. 70 degrees in redwood city today, 70 in fremont where our own laura garcia-cannon and bob redell are this morning. 71 in san jose and 72 degrees later on today in gilroy. subtract a couple of degrees from yesterday's highs and that's where we're expected to end up today and we're not going
5:50 am
to see nearly as much sunshine the first part of your day. game time forecast, a really nice one. a little on the chilly side, however it's not too cool and we're not going to see a whole lot of wind. the giants take on the diamondbacks. way to win last night. here we are headed to the 60s as we head into the weekend. showers return as well. could pick up a pretty good amount of rain in the north bay, looking more like a quarter of an inch or res for the east bay, south bay and peninsula saturday into sunday. overall we're looking pretty good. laura, i hate to break it to you, but it's going to get a little colder as we head through the next hour, but you're tough. you can handle it. >> i don't know, i am kind of wimpy when it comes to the cold the way i bundle up. that's okay, with your forecast i will be well prepared. as we're taking the show kind of on the road, may around the bay this morning, we're waking up in fremont. we're giving a taste of what's really happening in some of these cities including the communities and how they really
5:51 am
band together. i'm joined with melissa from tri-city volunteers. you help out so many people. what, 4,000 a month at least? >> yeah, absolutely. i have 4,000 clients come to us every month and that's over 10,000 mouths that we feed each and every month. >> which makes a big difference. you've been with them a little less than a year but tell me about a certain need that's going on there. >> well, we've launched a technology appeal. so when i came into my job just nine months ago as executive director, i didn't have my own computer. i had to go buy my computer out of my own funds. just to be able to quantify the great work that we do, we absolutely need computers. so we need hardware, software and we're pretty much starting from scratch. >> and in this day and age and area that we live in technology, it's a void that certainly needs to be filled because you're helping so many people and you've seen those numbers grow.
5:52 am
>> we certainly have. we estimate that over the past three years we've had a 25% increase in the number of clients that we serve. on an annual basis. and we've also at the same time had a 22% decrease in the volume of food that's coming into the food bank. so there's a big gap for us to make up. and anyway -- >> you do what you can and you're helping so many and we appreciate what you're doing for this community as well. thanks for getting up early an joining us out here. a lot of great stories across the bay area. we also continue to cover the day's news, including one bay area school district where the school schedule could be drastically changed. plus electronic cigarettes. they give you a buzz in more than one way. we'll take a look at that coming up in tech today. and electronic toll taker is where some of these folks are heading. a smooth drive approaching the h bay bridge toll plaza, but we do have a couple of issues further back making your early start a
5:53 am
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good morning. at 5:55 now, check out these live pictures coming from concord this morning. firefighters are on scene right now checking for hot spots after an abandoned warehouse went up in flames overnight. the cause of the fire still under investigation. good news is no one was hurt in this fire. now, this is on willow pass road just east of farm bureau road once again in concord. you can expect some delays if you're headed to this area. mike inouye, you know what's going on in this area. let's see what's going on with your maps there. >> we'll take you right out there, marla. i heard that there was a full closure for willow pass road
5:56 am
right around farm bureau from clayton road but in that shot we saw two vehicles of some sort drive right through that shot so at least some vehicles getting through the area. so far avoid it if you can and just go ahead and use port chicago highway or 242 over towards highway 4 as your all the nat around that scene. we continue to follow that also the slowing for westbound highway 4. that's expected coming through antioch. your slowing through livermore also expected but there is an accident westbound at north flynn road. still reported in lanes and that's adding to the slowdown as we descend upon westbound 580 towards the area coming into livermore. livermore and pleasanton moving smoothly. oakland also nice but volume picking up past the coliseum. we'll see slowing on 880 especially as you approach the 8:00 hour. back to you. students in the palo alto unified school district will start school a week and a half earlier as of next year. in a close vote the board voted in favor of this move. the district says it will have
5:57 am
students taking finals before the winter break and that will relieve stress. it starts august 16th 2012. meanwhile for those of you who do not like to breathe easier, a new way to share a smoke. scott, are you promoting smoking? >> no, i'm not and i should apologize to you, marla. the story before you originally had to do with asthma but we cut it for time. it would appear there are so few people smoking they need to help find each other so the company blu which makes those smokeless battery operated cigarettes say future cigarette packs will be able to tell you when another blu smoker is nearby sensing the other pack, causing your pack to vibrate. now, the smokeless cigarettes are controversial with lots of debate over how healthy they are or not healthy. but, laura, at least you can debate it while hanging together smoking your smokeless cigarettes. >> nice, thanks so much, scott. may, we're live from fremont this morning. we're going to show you what it was like back in the 19th century.
5:58 am
and aook at what's coming up in the future. a lot of horsepower around here.
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